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The “pay before delivery” payment method requires a 100% trust from customers that their order will not only be delivered, but what was ordered was actually what they expected. With the high rate of Internet fraud in Nigeria for example, it is not surprising that many online buyers feel reluctant buying online even from some “trusted” brands in the e-commerce industry, due to security reasons. Many thus advise not to pay for what you have not seen. Understandable.

Conversely, the “pay on delivery” payment method would mean businesses would have no option but to hope that the customer won’t bail and that the transaction would be successful. Imagine a merchant, after sending their deliveryman to deliver a parcel to their customer who’s about 6 hours drive away, only to be notified just halfway saying they’re (the customer) no longer interested in the purchase. Now, that’s disappointing!
Believe it or not, the merchant will still have to pay the deliveryman for his services, whether they make sales or not. What a loss!

Therefore, in both of these currently adopted payment methods, trust is an underlying factor!

Many online merchants are often faced with the challenge of not being paid even after “dancing to the tunes of their customers” by shipping the parcels to them without any initial payment (commitment), such as when the customer cancels their orders before arrival. Now, because these merchants cannot deploy a “pay before delivery” payment method due to trust issues from the part of their customers and little or no reputation in the e-commerce industry, they are forced to adopt the “pay on delivery” payment method, which at most times results in monetary losses, and sometimes even death.

A big question that could be on the minds of merchants is: “How can I reduce my losses?”

Worry No More!

Tranzaact enables buyers to make monetary commitment by securely scheduling their merchant’s payments while still being in control of disbursing funds to them once they feel satisfied with the delivery. When a customer makes an order, only they can approve the merchant’s payments. During this time, however, payments would be under the “Pending Incoming” account, stored in the Tranzaact Strong Room (TSR) and can be clearly seen by the merchant, which will boost their confidence level that their “paycheck is coming home” and would be more than enough reason and motivation for them to proceed with the delivery. Tranzaact Chat Box — a free live chatting tool — helps keep the communication lines open, where both parties can chat just about anything and share information. Perhaps, the customer would like to notify the merchant of a change in the delivery address.

After a successful delivery, the customer approves the merchant’s payments and the money is instantly credited to the merchant’s wallet. The merchant can then proceed to withdraw their money, which is instantly credited to their registered bank account.

It is noteworthy that the customer will not be able to cancel the merchant’s payment without their approval — music to the ears of the merchants. During this period too, all funds will be under the “Pending Outgoing” account, which again is stored in the TSR and can be clearly seen by the customer — a proof that their money is still in Tranzaact’s custody. For the payments to be successfully cancelled, the customer would need to send a “Cancellation Request” to the merchant, which will need their approval to fly. However, in the case of a deadlock (whereby both parties are not responsive), the Tranzaact team should be notified and all arrangements to resolve existing disputes will be made available.

An Icing On the Cake

Tranzaact service charge of 2.5% + NGN 100 and capped at NGN 2,500, as some puts it, is too good to be true! Interestingly, merchants have the option of selling for free, as they can push the service charge payment to their customers, pay it themselves (default), share it with them equally or perhaps give them the power to choose who pays it. Merchants also get to set their delivery charges for orders made from within (local) and outside (global) the State in which they operate in, which the customer upon placing the order will be required to pay.

Service Workers on Tranzaact are a merchant’s powerful tool. They can be likened to deliverymen, as they receive SMS notifications whenever customers approves payments. This feature is vital for payment confirmation before handing the parcel over to the customer, as SMS notifications comes along with a verification link, which when clicked, redirect them to a secure web page showing the status of all payments, amongst other things.

Why Use Tranzaact?

With Tranzaact, you feel comfortable doing business with anyone, which includes strangers.
  1. Own a free online store

The cost of running an e-commerce website has been lifted off your shoulders! Create an online store with your custom link. Share your link on your social media accounts to direct people to buy from you. Sit back and relax, we’ll handle the rest! Explore Tranzaact.

2. Initiate bank transfers and withdrawals

Transfer money to any Nigerian bank account right from your wallet. Bank account numbers are validated to ensure you’re sending the money to the intended recipient. Online and offline payments are processed and secured by Flutterwave and PaystackPCI-DSS compliant companies, our payment service providers.

3. Accept payment in installments

If you have very loyal customers whose trust you’ve already earned over time, they can choose to split your payments into installments to enable you receive the first installment when you approve their order request. This can perhaps cover the expenses associated with delivery.

4. Deal only with serious customers

Whenever your customer places an order and schedules your payments, it simply means they’re ready to do business with you. Unserious customers are too expensive to keep. With Tranzaact, as long as you deliver exactly what your customers ordered for, every sale is a success! We however recommend that upon delivery, you make available two or more identical items in case of a default.

5. Setup your own “Black Friday”

“Black Fridays” are all about giving out discounts; Tranzaact enables you set discounts on your products. One way to do this is to create a category and perhaps, name it Black Friday. Ensure you check Hide this category from my Store, which you can uncheck once you’re done adding your products. Copy the link to the category and share it to your customers and on your social media accounts. Once the promo is over, hide the category again. Simple!

Got questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or send us a mail on

Tranzaact is powered by Jochebed Apps, a Nigerian Fintech startup of which I, Jerahmeel Anibor, is privileged to be its Founder and CEO.



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